Internships: Small RAIN



Internship Description(s):

1. Student Organization: St. Edward’s

We always need to be expanding our network. And more than anything, we want our network to start including the people that are important to you—your friends, family, peers, colleagues, those you know that have a passion for our goals. To that end, the person who fills this position will be establishing a Small RAIN-focused student organization at St. Edward’s University.  You will be collaborating with, and supervised by a Small RAIN operative and St. Edward’s Alumna based in Austin, Texas. Your activities will include:

  • Raising awareness: distributing posters, updating your social media pages, word-of-mouth to promote the organization.
  • Developing fundraisers, outreach and informative sessions to raise money and promote the organization.
  • Developing sociocultural events so that your peers will have the chance to learn about the cultural, historical, social, and political traits of Burkina Faso, as well as familiarize themselves with our mission.
  • Providing education to your student organization on the process of building, and sustaining an international NGO.

Before you get overwhelmed—you will have a team. We need 4-6 people for this, and will be conducting interviews to make sure we’re building a collaborative, hard-working, and driven team.


2. Small RAIN Educational Program

Last year, we were fortunate enough to teach a class to American students in the Pioneer Program at KIPP Charter Schools. We talked with them about some of the needs in Burkina Faso, the focus of our organization, and conducted a water filtration activity to demonstrate a Burkinabé child’s daily process to get water to drink, bathe in, cook with, etc. Young as they were, the students quickly became passionate about involving themselves to make a difference.

We want to keep having that impact. For this position, you will be reaching out to local schools, churches, organizations, etc. and giving them two options: the first is essentially a lesson plan, that promotes our organization and its mission, in addition to providing information on Burkina Faso. The presentation will be tailored to suit existing programs or classes, and distributed to the appropriate teachers, leaders, etc. They will be able to present the lesson themselves. The second option is a personally-delivered presentation from you—describing Small RAIN, Burkina Faso, and voicing our need for increased community involvement.

Again, we need 4-6 people for this project, We need people with strong research skills, communication skills both written and verbal, and at least two people who are reliably able to commute (i.e. have personal methods of transportation).

BEFORE YOU GET OVERWHELMED—you will not be asked to travel unrealistic distances, and you will have help. You will be supervised by Small RAIN’S Austin-based operative, Lillian Gerrity, and working with a team of other passionate students.


 Internship Requirements: Positions 1 & 2

  • Strong research skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills and a detail-oriented mentality.
  • Strong formal presentation skills, as well as an ability to effectively communicate in both oral and written form.
  • Intermediary-proficient knowledge of Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint (or Keynote), Photoshop experience a plus.
  • Reliable contact methods, reliable personal form of transportation (at least two applicants).
  • Ability to function independently but contribute to, and/or lead a team; ability to receive and apply instructions and correction.
  • Commitment to saving the lives of children in Burkina Faso.

Additional Details:

  • These positions are unpaid
  • These positions are for residents of Austin, Texas, only.
  • Positions for the Student Organization at St. Edward’s can be filled only by applicants currently attending St. Edward’s University.

~ Contact:
Lillian Gerrity