Our philosophy

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Goals: To provide trained Community Health Workers to villages in rural Burkina Faso.

Approach to Social Change:
It takes 4 essential elements to truly impact social problems:
1. Effective social change occurs only when the affected community wants the change and participates in it.
2. Resources and information must be responsive to the local culture;
3. The delivery system for services must have the support of the local power structure and community;
4. The capacity of communities to create systemic change must be increased.


~ Our policy is to approach people of every culture with understanding, respect, and willingness to learn.
~ It is our policy to maintain the highest standards of professionalism, excellence, transparency and accountability at all levels.


The organization is founded on collaboration, not hierarchy.
~ Official structure is traditional
~ Work is done and decisions are made by teams


We use a multidisciplinary approach; input from many perspectives and fields of expertise:
~ Improves quality of planning and execution;
~ Increases effectiveness and stability of programs;
~ Helps to anticipate problems and access multiple ideas and solutions.


Our aim is to address unmet needs. Therefore, we:
~ Avoid duplication of services whenever possible.
~ Work aggressively to collaborate with other organizations.


Small Rain’s goal is to achieve real change. Therefore we:
~ Have a long-term commitment to the communities we serve.
~Our goal is to build local capacity and infrastructure, so that projects will eventually be owned and effectively operated by the communities being served.