•  265 children served through Les Ailes de Refuge orphanage and its outreach program


  • 304 children; 1089 patient visits
  • Cost of care per child/year: $63


  • 601 children; 1450 patent visits
  • Cost of care per child/year: $41


  • 6400 children; 7800 patient visits
  • Cost per child: $7.00
  • Medical care or medicines and supplies were provided for children through:
    – 3 clinics
    – 3 orphanages
    – 2 schools
  • 100’s of children referred by government Social Action
  • Mobile Nursing Program was designed and implemented.
    –  Thousands of children from local site and 17 surrounding villages were treated.


  • Small RAIN pilot program draws to a close
  • Les Ailes de Refuge continues the programs established in partnership with Small RAIN
  • Evaluation: survey of 890 women from 43 villages on the topic of children’s health;
    – Survey results showed that the mobile nursing program was inadequate to meet children’s needs.
    – Some children were dying without access to medical care and without knowing the cause of death.
  • Based on evaluation and research, Small RAIN decides to develop a community health worker program in a new location.

Small RAIN site evaluation for location of new program is carried out by a team of three U.S. doctors (headed by Dr Angelo Tomedi) with experience in international health care, and Isaac Ada, a Burkinabé education advisor to the national government with 20 years experience in nonprofit work. The team spent two weeks visiting potential healthcare locations in Burkina Faso, and meeting with national and local health officials.

Tiébélé is chosen as the new site.


2013 – 2015

The legal, medical, administrative, grass roots, structural, and funding pieces of the puzzle needed to build effective medical care were put in place. The final preparation activities will be completed in the next few months.


In early 2016, the women chosen by their villages will begin their training as community health care workers.