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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”   – Margaret Mead




Individuals may donate money in several ways: through one-time donation; by scheduling regular donations – whether monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually; or by an annual gift. Every dollar is tax-deductible.

Groups or Businesses

If you are a small business owner, or work at a company strong in social responsibility, you could establish a matching gift between the company and employees. This is a great statement about your company’s values. If your group has a special interest—for example, providing equipment, HIV/AIDS care or public health infrastructure—we have a need that you can help address. We’re happy to add you to our links as a partner and tout your contribution on our Facebook, Twitter, and in our newsletter!


Coordinate with Small RAIN to help us:
• Write and distribute our newsletter
• Research possible funding sources
• Schedule,  and make presentations to clubs and organizations for support
• Develop fund-raising activities
– Parties
– Trivia events
– Auctions
– School program


[Austin, Texas, Residents Only]

We are offering two different types of internship opportunities with up to twelve open positions. They will focus on community education—reaching out to your personal connections from your school, church, local club, etc. and informing them about our organization and its mission. You’ll be involved in fundraising events, multicultural events and activities, and more!

What you’ll get out of working with us:
-Professional experience working towards a fulfilling goal.
-Education in building and sustaining an international nonprofit.
-Professional connections in a field you’re passionate about.
-An excellent resume that will help you fulfill your ultimate goals in your desired career.

Full Description Here

Spread the Word

Do you love public speaking? Could you help us spread the word or connect us with an invitation to speak at your organization, whether civic, religious, business or otherwise? Call Kate at 314-397-0603 or e-mail at